Internshala Trainings launches ‘Skill Development Scholarship’, aims at skilling over 1 lakh students

23-11-2022 Wed 19:20

●       The platform intends to skill over 1 lakh college students in 75 in-demand skills through trainings worth ₹1.5 Cr 

Hyderabad, 23rd November 2022: Internshala Trainings, the skilling engine of Internshala has recently launched the Internshala Trainings Skill Development Scholarship Program. Through this initiative, the platform aims at skilling over 1 lakh meritorious college students from diverse domains including engineering, management, design, etc. The students will be given free training worth ₹1.5 Cr in 75 in-demand skills on the Internshala Trainings platform. The last date to apply for this scholarship is 10th December 2022. 

The students pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees from any of the recognised colleges or universities in India are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The only criteria for selection is that the students should be amongst the top 10 rankers in their respective batches.

 To avail the scholarship, the students need to reach out to their college faculty or trainings and placement officers and carry their marksheets along (as a proof that they are amongst the top 10 rankers). 

 On the launch of Internshala Trainings Skill Development Scholarship, Mr. Shadab Alam, Head - Internshala Trainings said, “There are a lot of talented and hardworking students in colleges and universities who can excel in their careers with the right skills and guidance. Through this scholarship, we aim to help them pick the skills that interest them and master them while they are still pursuing their degrees. With this initiative, we wish to impact 1 lakh students' lives and hope that we can help them progress in their professional journeys.” 

For more information and to apply for the scholarship, visit: https://bit.ly/IST_SDS22 

About Internshala Trainings:

Internshala Trainings is the skilling engine of career-tech platform, Internshala. The platform is training over 2 lakh students every year. Our aim is to upskill the students of India and help young aspiring minds in India pursue their dream career.

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