Kapil Dev sets the tone for a new dawn of New Kharadi

23-06-2022 Thu 13:05

Hyderabad, June 23, 2022: Legendary Kapil Dev descended in New Karadi, Pune yesterday to inaugurate Kohinoor Group’s Kaleido Experience Center in New Kharadi. The state-of-the-art Kohinoor Kaleido Experience Centre in New Karadi was inaugurated by Mrs. And Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal – Chairman and Managing Director, Kohinoor Group. Mr. Kapil Dev was the Guest of Honor, and this was an exclusive event attended by Kohinoor Group’s top-level management and invited dignitaries. The experience center presents New Kharadi in its most beautiful form and offers a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle of Kohinoor Kaleido – the group's latest addition to its illustrious portfolio.

The occasion also witnessed New Kharadi Channel Partners’ Meet - the grandest event of the day saw over 1200 Channel Partners coming together to celebrate their achievements and catch the first glimpse of Kohinoor Kaleido, New Kharadi.

Mr. Vineet Goyal, Joint Managing Director, speaking on this occasion said, “While everyone was delighted to get an opportunity to dine with THE Kapil Dev, they were equally excited by the shimmering world of opportunities Kohinoor Kaleido beholds. The development astounded one and all with its offerings that strike the perfect balance between soothing nature and convenient city life. The event was graced by Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal – Chairman and Managing Director, myself, and Mr. Rajesh Goyal – Joint Managing Director. We also had top management from Kohinoor Group present with other esteemed dignitaries. While biding adieu to the legend was tough, New Kharadi will forever cherish the inspiration and memories he has gifted it”.

The Art of Shaking Hands with Infinity and Titanium Channel Partners

Kohinoor Group passionately believes in the Art of Shaking Hands – a philosophy that emphasizes improving camaraderie, supporting each other, working as a team, and growing together. Held at The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park, this was an exclusive event for Kohinoor Group’s Infinity and Titanium Channel Partners. Recognized as the go-getters and outstanding performers, these partners bonded over lunch, reiterated their commitment to the Art of Shaking Hands and were bowled over by Mr. Kapil Dev’s inspiring talk.

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