Omicron spreading in a speedy way: Dr RV Ravi Kannababu

13-01-2022 Thu 13:12

Visakhapatnam, 13th January 2022: Covid is spreading at an unprecedented speed, and the Omicron variant is the major culprit for it, says Dr R.V. Ravi Kannababu, Internal medicine specialist, KIMS Icon hospital, Vizag. He spoke to the media in wake of Omicron spread. As this is spreading speedily from person to person, he suggested wearing a well-fitted face mask, maintaining physical distance as the most essential thing. He observed that many people are improperly wearing masks, and said there is no use wearing so. Any mask, not only N95 can be used, but it should be well-fitted, he said. Vizag is a place, where the most number of Covid cases are recorded in the third wave in Andhra Pradesh, and the number of cases may increase further after the Pongal festival. As the spread already started, he suggested people not to go anywhere for the festival. If at all they have to go, he asked all not to remove the mask at any place, at any cost. Even if one removes a mask while talking to others at home, one may contract Covid, he said.

One in four positive cases are of Omicron, and some delta cases are also seen. But, Omicron may dominate soon. Hospitalisation is not as much as in the second wave, and Vizag is only in the initial stages, Dr Ravi kannababu said.  "Sore throat, cold, cough, mild fever, weakness, headache and body pains are the symptoms so far. Some are getting tested at home and being positive . One should go for the test even if any one of the symptoms are there. Using properly prescribed medication, sufficient hydration, taking rest, nutritious food and checking oxygen saturation frequently is a must. If at all one see any difference in that, one should get hospitalised immediately."

Vaccination saves
Whatever may be the variant, vaccines remain critical in reducing severe disease and death, therefore it is very much important to get vaccinated, Dr Ravi Kannababu said.  "Omicron can be detected with RT-PCR tests like other variants. The differentiation factor is one of the three target genes that is not detected, S gene drop out or S gene target failure. Every individual vaccinated or unvaccinated, it is advised to maintain social distancing, wear well-fitted masks, improve the ventilation of indoor spaces, maintain hand hygiene, try avoiding large gatherings, and most importantly get yourself vaccinated."

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