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Telangana CM KCR announces Dussehra Bonus to Singareni Workers
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In the development of Telangana State, Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), a Public sector Undertaking, is playing a very crucial and key role. The SCCL has been strengthened institutionally due to the cooperation extended by the State government and measures taken for the welfare of the workers. Management and workers at the SCCL, working without any distinction, and with responsibility contributed to the Company’s success and paved the way for congenial atmosphere and amicable working conditions in the company. This phenomenon helped the company to increase its working culture and achieve record level production.

In the financial year 2013-14, the SCCL was able to produce 50.47 Million Tonnes of coal. In the last five years, the production of coal has been on the increase every year. In 2018-19, coal production went up to the record level of 64.41 million tonnes. In 2013-14, the SCCL had earned Rs 418 Crore profit. The profits of the SCCL during the subsequent five years are increasing year after year. In 2018-19, the SCCL registered a record maximum profit of Rs 1,765 Crore! Progress in coal production, transport, sales, profits, increase in turnover, all stand as a symbol to the Telangana state Government’s effective and good governance. It is a proud moment for all of us when the SCCL fared better than the Coal India in almost all parameters related to the coal management in the country.

The Telangana State government is of the firm opinion that the key and important role played by workers often keeping their lives at stake is important in the SCCL’s continuous victory and success. The hard work being put in by workers day and night to extract the coal cannot be calculated and valued in the monetary terms. Our government feels that the sweat that each and every SCCL worker shed in creating the national wealth, often coming out of jaws of death, is no way inferior to the sacrifices of our own army personnel fighting at the borders. This is precisely the reason, why the Telangana State government had always been taking measures for the SCCL workers’ welfare and protecting them like eyelids.

Under the united AP’s last year rule in 2013-14, each SCCL workers was given a meagre amount of Rs 13,540 as the bonus. In the last five years, the Telangana state government has been increasing the bonus gradually. In 2017-18, each worker was paid Rs 60,369 as part of the 27 per cent of profits shared with the workers in the SCCL. This year, I am happy to announce that we are increasing the percentage of profit share by another one per cent to 28 per cent! By increasing the share in profits, each worker will now get Rs 1,00, 899 as a bonus; this is Rs 40,530 more than the last year’s bonus. This is a bonus given by the Telangana state government to the SCCL workers and employees as the Dussera festival’s gift. I hope and wish that the SCCL workers and employees will take this gift as an inspiration and work with more dedication and commitment to enable the SCCL to get more successes and profits.
Thu, Sep 19, 2019, 12:50 PM
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