Contributing to country’s self-reliance is a true tribute to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: Governor Tamilisai

27-07-2021 Tue 20:24

Hyderabad, July 27: “Contributing towards the self-reliance of our country, and making India strong, secure, and prosperous should be our true tributes to former president of India late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,” said Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan.

She stated that Bharat Ratna Abdul Kalam dreamt of seeing India as the knowledge superpower and self-reliant, while being strong and secure within and outside the borders.

The Governor was speaking at the 6th Remembrance Day of Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Kalam, a virtual event, organised by the APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, on Tuesday.

“The journey of Dr Kalam from being a paperboy in Rameshwaram to the President of India in Rashtrapathi Bhavan is truly inspiring. He proved that what a man from humble beginnings can achieve in life with dedication, and commitment,” she added.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan stated that Dr Kalam’s contribution in defence, science and technology, medical equipment, innovations, administration and public life will continue to inspire generation after generation.

“His ideas and ideals and his passion for teaching and inspiring students to do great things for country will be remembered forever,” she added.

The Governor called upon the youth and students to have lofty ideals and big goals and contribute to the sustainable development of the country through their chosen fields as motivated by Dr. Abdul Kalam.

She appealed to all the sections to take forward the legacy of Dr. Abdul Kalam and ameliorate the conditions for the underprivileged sections and make the country self-reliant in food and energy sectors on a priority basis.

APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation representatives Sashi Kumar Gendham, Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, APJMJ Sheik Saleem, Dr.Nazeema Maraikaiyar were among others who spoke at the event to commemorate the 6th death anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam.

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