Jwala Gutta Inaugurates a Gymnasium and an Outdoor Badminton Court
Jwala Gutta Inaugurates a Gymnasium and an Outdoor Badminton Court at Dr MCR HRD Institute:

Jwala Gutta, a celebrated Badminton player and the recipient of Arjuna Award, inaugurated a gymnasium on the first floor of Vivekananda Block and an Outdoor Badminton Court on the campus of Dr MCR HRD Institute. In addition to a large number of trainee Civil Servants, from across the country, who are undergoing 94th Foundation Course at the Institute, the Officers, Faculty, and Staff of the Institute attended the event. 

In an interactive session that was held on this occasion at S K Hall, Ms Jwala Gutta answered a number of questions asked by the trainee civil servants. Responding to a question, she said that even though the Government has created a rich network of facilities for games and sports, across the country, people are lagging behind in using them fully. She underlined the need for not only full utilization of the existing facilities, but also the identification of areas, deficient in terms of sports facilities, and pressurizing the Government to create sports facilities. “In a huge country like India, Government alone, rather than the private sector, has the required physical and financial resources to address the need to create the sports infrastructure and to give a big boost to its optimum utilization”, she opined.

Jwala Gutta said that career in sports and games is highly competitive, which brings in its wake both successes and failures. “While one should enjoy successes, he should not lose heart on account of failures”, she stated and added that instead of going into depression, one should objectively analyse the reasons behind the failures and address them in a professional fashion. “A well-rounded personality, high self-confidence, positive thinking, discipline, and dedication are the hallmarks of all successful sportspersons”, she added.

Jwala Gutta stated that merely getting medals and awards may make a sports person a champion, but not a legend. “Contributing to the well-being of society is the mantra for a sportsperson to emerge as a legend”, she added.

Jwala Gutta said that a number of young sportspersons fail to pursue their passion mainly on account of lack of parental support. She, therefore, called upon parents to support their children, especially girls, in chasing their dreams in sports and games. “Family support, rather than the mere individual effort of a sports person, would result in the emergence of successful players”, she stated and added that girls should be proactive and enter into games and sports in a big way.

BP Acharya, IAS, Spl Chief Secretary & DG of the Institute presented mementoes to Jwala Gutta.

Harpreet Singh, IAS, ADG of the Institute, who presided over the interactive session, said that the professional achievements of Jwala Gutta, in the international circuit, have been a great source of inspiration for budding sportspersons in general and their women counterparts in particular in pursuing sports as a career. Miss Mohita Saxena, ISS,  welcomed the gathering and also proposed a vote of thanks. 

Fri, Sep 06, 2019, 04:54 PM
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