WayCool launches 2nd Shuddha Dairy Square in Tirupati

17-06-2021 Thu 17:18

Tirupati, June 17th 2021: Shuddha, the dairy brand from WayCool Foods, India's fastest growing Agri-commerce company, today announced the launch of its second dairy retail store, Shuddha Square, in Tirupati. This is the third store in the district, recently Shuddha launched its Shuddha square store in Chittoor.  Known by patrons for offering purity, quality, nutrition and taste when it comes to milk and milk products, Shuddha sources their milk on a daily basis from local dairy farmers with stringent quality check measure to ensure freshness and purity. The store launched in Jeevakona will offer dairy products such as fresh milk, curd, ghee, buttermilk, lassi & khoa.

The brand Shuddha stands for ‘Purity’ as their products ensure freshness, hygiene, consistency and quality products due to stringent quality check measures that are put in place to ensure the milk collected daily is natural and unadulterated. Shuddha collects farm fresh milk every day directly from local farmers that is processed at their automated and touchless collection and processing unit in Chittoor, from where it reaches Shuddha squares on time due to their controlled supply chain logistics to ensure that customers enjoy fresh, unadulterated, pure milk and dairy product.

Tirupati has been a choice of destination for major dairy companies to set up their units in the Chittoor district as there has traditionally been a huge market for milk and milk based products in the region. The first Shuddha square that was launched on 15 March 2021 has received great response from consumers and sells more than 300 liters of milk and curd every day, encouraging the brand to launch its second store with plans to launch a third one in the town by June end.

Commenting on the launch of Shuddha square Debashish Samal, Head of Dairy, WayCool Foods, said, “We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our second Shuddha square in Tirupati. We have received supportive responses from our first store that has encouraged us to open our doors in Jeevakona. We plan to launch our third Shuddha store by this month in Tirupati and introduce products such as ice cream, flavored milk and buffalo milk to our product portfolio. Our recently launched sweet khoa has also been very well received as patrons see it as a healthier option than chocolates and local candy for their children owing to the freshness and purity of our products. We are also constantly striving to create opportunities to enable a better livelihood for our local dairy farmers.”

Owing to the lockdown due to the pandemic and keeping the safety of its customers in mind, both the Shuddha Squares in Tirupathi will provide home delivery on bulk orders. The Shudda Squares will offer its customers a variety of choices such as toned milk, double toned milk, full cream milk, standardized milk, curd, double toned milk curd, ghee, buttermilk, lassi and khoa. 

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