Parents appeal to Save their 9-month old baby Vedika from a deadly disease

19-04-2021 Mon 12:42

It is always heart-breaking for any of the strongest hearts to hear of a child dying without medical treatment. Here is the story of a baby, who could, unfortunately, meet a fatal condition, if she does not receive the right treatment at the appropriate time.

Baby Vedika who is 9-month old was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. It is a horrendous disease that would cripple or ultimately pause a child’s ability to eat, swallow or breathe if left untreated.

Her father Saurabh Shinde comes from a humble middle-class background from Pune. Her parents cry out in agony whenever they see their child crawl or reach out to them, as they know that time is fleeting. They have to immediately arrange the amount for their daughter’s treatment. Else, they might lose out on seeing her precious smile!
Currently, the doctors have advised the parents that the only possible way to treat their child is through Gene Replacement Therapy with the help of a drug called ‘Zolgensma’. And unbelievably, this drug comes at a whopping cost of 16 crores which should be imported from the US. Coming from a middle-class family, the parents are in a state of huge disbelief and tremendous shock as they can never ever afford such a staggering amount.
To save their daughter the parents approached the Milaap crowdfunding platform. Through the fundraiser, the parents are reaching out to individuals from India and around the world to save their baby.
Please come forward and donate generously to save baby Vedika’s life.

Here is the link to Donate:  

Here are the Bank Details:  
Name:                     Sneha Shinde
A/C number:           2223330026924565
IFSC Code:            RATN0VAAPIS
Bank name:            RBL 

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