Yamaha begins with ‘National Road Safety’ awareness initiative 2021

22-01-2021 Fri 21:00

Chennai, January 22nd , 2021: In an effort to create awareness among its employees, customers, dealers and suppliers on safer driving habits and responsible road behavior, Yamaha Motor India group of companies today announced about its road safety awareness activations that are in line with the theme of the National Road Safety Month 2021. With the commitment towards road safety for all, the company will be participating in Road Safety Promotional campaign between 20th January to 10th February 2021 at all Yamaha plant locations and selected dealerships & supplier locations.

The initiative planned under the brand campaign ‘The Call of The Blue’ was kicked off from January 20th at Shri Ram Piston, company’s supplier located in Greater Noida. During the activity, training on the Safe Test Ride Habits were imparted to the participants and they were further briefed on the importance of Safety Gears (Helmet, Gloves, Elbow & Knee Guard) while riding scooters or motorcycles.

The company has planned a series of similar activation programs across India starting with Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The engaging publicity of road safety is targeted towards citizens from all age groups. Under this initiative, the company is also putting special emphasis on “Female Safety Riding Training”, “Kids’ Road Safety Awareness” through YCSP (Yamaha Children Safety Program), Test Ride & Briefing on importance of Safety Gears and Safety communication. Such efforts carry the potential to help both new riders and children to identify with the importance of road safety, ultimately leading to a better tomorrow.

Mr. Ravinder Singh, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Yamaha Motor India Sales has said, “Road Safety is a high priority concern, and the Government of India has significantly focused on this for several years. At Yamaha, as we set our commitments to ensure safety for all, we are engaging citizens of all age groups with the help of several offline activities this year. The initiative is aimed at creating a positive change in society and educating people to follow traffic rules, thus enabling them to be more cautious for sake of their own safety and of others.”

The Ministry of Transport & Highways, Government of India is observing Nationwide Road Safety Month this year from 18th Jan 2021 to 17th Feb.

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