Round-table conference on Kumbh Sandesh on 20th of January

18-01-2021 Mon 16:14

Hyderabad, January 18, 2021: Kumbh Mela, the reflection of Indian culture, has started. From the 14th of this month to 27th April, Kumbh Mela is conducted in Haridwar of Uttarakhand. Generally, along with Uttarakhand, this Kumbh Mela takes place in Prayaga of Uttar Pradesh, Nasik of Maharashtra, Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh too. Gramodaya Chamber of Commerce and Technology(GCOT) decided to conduct a trip to Kumbh Mela with the name Kumbh Sandesh which is intended to spread the word of sages who attend the Kumbh Mela. To discuss the importance of Kumbh Sandesh, Delhi Vasant, Founder, GCOT, told that a round table conference will be conducted on Wednesday from 2 pm onwards at Somajiguda Press Club.

Representatives from various respects are known to attend this conference.  editor, publisher Bharateeyam Satyavani, Ex CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana, Padmasri Dr Dasari Prasada Rao, a representative from Impact Foundation Gampa Nageswara Rao, Narayana Jignasa of Nizamabad, BJP Ex-MLA Yennam Srinivasa Reddy and others are attending this conference.

Delhi Vasant told that anyone interested can attend this meeting. A poster regarding this was released by G-CoT representatives on Monday.

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