Witness Rani Rudrama Devi’s Journey on ‘Star Maa’

18-01-2021 Mon 08:35

The story of one of the most Powerful Female Rulers- Queen Rudrama Devi is coming as a Daily Soap on Star Maa.
The story of the historic character Queen Rudrama Devi has been the pride of Telugu history and is familiar to every Telugu speaking individual. She was tough, she was powerful, and she was one of the most influential female rulers of the Deccan region.
Queen Rudrama Devi’s life has been an inspiration to many for generations. Bringing her story to life on the small screen is a huge responsibility that Star Maa took upon its shoulders.
In an attempt to make this historically powerful woman’s life a little closer to the Telugu audience’s heart, Star Maa has created this huge project.
The channel has been uncompromising in terms of budget and has brought together the best technicians from across the nation to work on the project. With this show, the channel wishes to set a new standard in the Telugu television industry.
This Mega serial is going to be telecast from the 18th of January on Star Maa. Experience the delight in knowing the pride of Telugu history in Rani Rudrama Devi right from your homes.
Tune into Star Maa at 9 PM on the 18th of January to watch.
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