Brihaspathi Technologies Launches COVIPRO; 18 Devices Installed in Telangana Assembly

10-09-2020 Thu 15:49

Hyderabad, 10th September 2020: Hyderabad based firm Brihaspathi Technologies has launched COVIPRO, a Unique Kiosk-based Solution to Prevent Corona. It has installed 18 COVIPRO devices at Telangana Assembly during ongoing sessions. COVIPRO is all in one kiosk with face recognition, realtime temperature recording, automatic hand sanitizer and UV disinfection of various articles. COVIPRO is completely developed and made at Hyderabad as part of Make in India project. The unit at Cherlapally can produce 400 kiosks per day.

COVIPRO has a micro SD slot for storage and one can even install their operating system too. It uses regular 230 volt AC power. The 18.5" LED monitor will help display important information or even advertisements. COVIPRO can be used as an information Kiosk in the post-corona scenario. 

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Rajashekar Papolu, Managing Director, Brihaspathi Technologies, said "Corona has brought so many changes in our daily lives. Going to a public place has become a major challenge. Places like Metro stations, Bus stations, Railway stations, Offices, etc. needs to be monitored and disinfect every person, along with the article carried. It's a herculean challenge as one need to install so many machines for each function. COVIPRO is the answer for all these problems. We have priced COVIPRO at Rs. 45,000 and making it available across India in 30 days. We have an objective of selling 10,000 devices in next 100 days.”

How COVIPRO works:

When a person goes to COVIPRO kiosk, his face is recognized with the help of an 8-megapixel camera. Body temperature is recorded with the medical-grade temperature scanner, where the daily temperatures are recorded for future tracking. If the temperature is abnormal, it makes a beep sound and alerts control room with the person's photograph. If the temperature is normal, then the machine will prompt the person to put his hands at the automatic hand sanitizer which has 5 liters of sanitizer capacity. Six millimeter nozzle pumps out mist. After that, the door of the UV disinfection chamber opens automatically. User can keep his articles like laptop, mobile, wallet, etc for UV Sanitization. This process is done in 15 seconds per person. The cloud-based platform will be helpful to track visitors and can send alerts immediately to the master control room.

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