Yamaha employees join the fight against COVID 19 by donating a day's salary

09-05-2020 Sat 18:21

Chennai, 9th May 2020: India's leading two-wheeler manufacturer, Yamaha Motor India Group (YMIG) announced today that its employees have donated a day’s salary from the April month on a voluntary basis in order to support the government in fighting the contingencies arising out of the COVID 19 pandemic in India. The permanent employees which include both the white-collar and blue-collar employees as well as some trainees based at the three plant locations Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu), Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh), & Faridabad (Haryana), Corporate Office in Chennai and Area Offices across India donated a total of Rs. 61.5 lakh for this noble cause.  
As a responsible entity, Yamaha feels that in the current situation it is the moral responsibility of everyone to extend their support and make efforts to be a part of the government's preparation to work towards combating the global pandemic by bringing relief to millions of citizens through essentials, healthcare, and charity. Out of the total donation of Rs. 61.5 lakh, Rs. 25 lakh each will be donated to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund (Government of Tamil Nadu) and Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund (Government of Uttar Pradesh) and the remaining Rs. 11.5 lakh to the PM Cares Fund.
Mr. Takahiro Henmi, Executive Vice President, Yamaha Motor India has commented on the donation and said, "This is a global crisis, and Yamaha's task as a global company is enormous. During such time what COVID 19 has prompted, Yamaha feels that it is important for everyone to stand united against the pandemic and come forward to support the government in winning this battle. I appreciate and also feel proud as our employees decided to join the global community in full spirit by voluntarily donating a day's salary. It will certainly help the government to fast track relief measures for the people of India. We will also continue to provide assistance to the government in the best way we can."
In the current circumstances, the company has taken all the necessary measures to support the government by closing its operations in India since the announcement of lockdown in the last week of March. Yamaha is fully committed to the health protocols in the wake of the COVID-19 threat and is regularly creating awareness among its stakeholders to ensure that they remain safe and healthy and continue adhering to the government guidelines.

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