Amrutha meets her mother amidst tight security
MIRYALAGUDA: The suicide of Amrutha father Maruthi Rao created ripples across the Telugu states and tension escalated after Amrutha tried to pay a visit to see her father during the last rites. It is known knowledge that Maruthi Rao family members raised the slogans against Amrutha not to allow her to see her father's dead body. Sources said that Maruthi Rao wrote a suicide letter in which he requested Amrutha to return to her mother and stay along with her. Dramatically, on Saturday evening, Amrutha amidst tight security forces visited her mother's house and met her mother after one week of Maruthi Rao's death. It is learnt that Amrutha first held talks with Maruthi Rao brother Sravan and later with her request police took away all the family members to the upper floor and provided space for Amrutha to talk with her mother separately. Amrutha spent 20 minutes talking with her mother. Click the video for more information.
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Sun, Mar 15, 2020, 01:52 PM
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