Vijaya Reddy Murder: Suresh Planned Perfectly
Suresh walked into the office of the Tahsildar Ch Vijaya Reddy and set her ablaze at around 1.45 PM. He poured petrol on her and lit fire to her clothes. It is suspected that kerosene caused smoke and filled the chamber. Inhaling the smoke led to the supply of carboxyhemoglobin to her body and this might have caused the death much faster.
Police are investigating the case in all the angles. It is learnt that Suresh had purchased kerosene at Gowrelli village and mixed it with petrol and came along on his bike. The call data of Suresh is also taken into consideration. The condition of Suresh has turned critical today. Police are also investigating the CCTV footage. Look into the video for more information.
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Wed, Nov 06, 2019, 01:13 PM
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