Sreemukhi Father Ramkishan Emotional Words: Bigg Boss 3 Telugu
Sreemukhi's father Ramkishan said his daughter is already a winner according to him. Sreemukhi's father Ramkishan has released a video stating that in the Bigg Boss journey, he has been seeing his daughter as a contestant. He has reminded the days when she and her brother have motivated him and added that because of them only, he is in a good position. Ramkishan said he is a very happy person as his children are down to earth. He said Sreemukhi is playing very well and become emotional reminding the comments of Sreemukhi, who said it is her father who is a backbone and major support to her. Finally, he wished his daughter to win in the competition.
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Sun, Oct 13, 2019, 04:51 PM
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