BJP leader Krishnam Raju in Encounter with Murali Krishna-Full Episode
Krishnam Raju is a senior actor turned politician. In an interview with a program of 'Encounter with Murali Krishna', the senior leader, while reacting to a question of upcoming movie Saaho, he said Prabhas has focussed more on the movie after the huge success of Baahubali movie. He has revealed how the first schedule of the movie took place in a combination of Prabhas with a World Class stunt master. Krishnam Raju said he is optimistic about the movie. He has reacted to a question whether he is trying all the means to bring back Prabhas into BJP. Former Union Minister said the marriage issue of Prabhas will be discussed very soon. Krishnam Raju has ruled out the rumors that he is actively participating in politics to become the Governor. Watch the full interview video.
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Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 09:51 PM
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