Reason Behind Director Kodi Ramakrishna Headband
People are well aware that prominent director Kodi Ramakrishna normally puts a cloth around his forehead. There is a very interesting story behind it. It all started when the director was busy shooting at Kovalam Beach. Late actor NT Rama Rao's Costume designer Moka Rama Rao, who was there in the shooting, said his forehead is spacious and it is more exposed to the sun. By saying so, the Costume designer took out a napkin from his pocket and suggested him to wrap around his forehead. From next day onwards, the director oblized it and used it as if it is a head band. Moka Rama Rao after seeing it said it is very good and suggested him not to take it out while busy in shooting the film.
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Fri, Feb 22, 2019, 06:23 PM
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