Ashritha Daggubati Wedding Details- Venkatesh Daggubati family
Ashritha Daggubati, the elder daughter of actor Venkatesh has been making news on her wedding news. Social media sites have been flooded with the news of Ashritha Daggubati. It is well known that the family members of Venkatesh are very much reserved and they are hardly seen in the public events. Venkatesh and his wife Neeraja are blessed with four children. Their elder daughter Ashritha is in the news for her food business. She is going to marry Vinayak Reddy, the grand-son of Hyderabad Race Club Chairman Surender Reddy. Recently the engagement function was done on February 6th. Watch the video for more insight.
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Sat, Feb 09, 2019, 04:37 PM
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