Prof. Nageswar refers to Arvind Subramanyam's revelations on disastrous results of note-ban
Even till today, debate rages over note-ban by the Narendra Modi goverment. When demonetisation was announced, political analyst, Professor K. Nageswar was one of the few who did not believe that it is a miraculous cure for failing economy. Now, Modi's personal economic advisor, Arvind Subramanyam, has come up with similar views on note-ban, in his upcoming book, Of Counsel: The challenges of Modi-Jaitley Economy. He has described demonetisation as a 'massive, draconian, monetary,' shock, that accelerated decline in economic growth to 6.8 per cent. Listen in for more details.
Tags: Prof. K Nageswar, Arvind Subramanyam, Note-ban,
Fri, Nov 30, 2018, 12:48 PM
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