Is Bigg Boss 2 'bogus?'; Winner Kashaul speaks exclusively
Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal was in the eye of the storm that raged on social media, with a whopping number of viewers, calling themselves 'Kaushal Army,' voting for him even at the cost of trolling other housemates. The whole issue turned controversial, even as some of the eliminated inmates like rationalist, Babu Gogineni protesting against the media hype in favour of Kaushal. The supporters of Kaushal Army went to the extent of even trolling the Bigg Boss host, Nani. Later, it was said that Kaushal manipulated his way to the top through an agency that he worked for. Replying to queries regarding the controversy, Kaushal dismissed the negative feed back as false.
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Tue, Nov 20, 2018, 09:50 PM
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