Balakrishna 2nd Son In Law Gets Promotion in Gitam Universities; to get MP Ticket Also!
GITAM university founder, TDP leader MVVS Murthy was killed in an accident in the US last month, it is known. Now, it is learned that Balakrishna second Son In Law Sri Bharat(Grand-son of MVVS Murthy) has been promoted to one of the key posts in the board members of GITAM University. He is likely to become the new President of Gitam University. Sri Bharat, who was well educated has been serving as an executive board member for the last four years. There is another report that Sri Bharat is likely to get an MP ticket from Visakhapatnam. Gitam University has many branches not only in India but its fame reached to foreign countries as well.
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Tue, Nov 20, 2018, 10:39 AM
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