Ambati Rambabu on Vangaveeti Radha's ticket issue
YSRCP Official Spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said coming election is very crucial for YSRCP. Speaking to a media channel, YSRCP senior leader has stated the reason of considering Vangaveeti Radha's candidature from Vijayawada east. He said as Vangaveeti Radha won from Vijayawada East earlier, he has more chances of winning from there as compared to the place Vijayawada Central, where he was defeated. Ambati Rambabu said Vangaveeti Radha has also another option for choosing MP ticket. He has appealed the followers of Radha and Mohan Ranga to understand the position as YSRCP is looking for winning in both these constituencies.
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Tue, Sep 18, 2018, 05:15 PM
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