TRS Srinivas Goud Strong counter to Jaipal Reddy
Congress senior leaders Jaipal Reddy has slammed Rajeev Sharma in a press meet and TRS ex-MLA from Mahabubnagar, Srinivas Goud has slammed Jaipal Reddy for his comments on the IAS officer. Srinivas Goud explained that Rajeev Sharma has reported the facts to the centre over how Telangana region was discriminated. Further, Srinivas Goud expressed that it is not right on the part of Jaipal Reddy to criticise an officer like Rajeev Sharma and questioned Jaipal Reddy's role during the Telangana Movement. Watch the video for more.
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Fri, Sep 14, 2018, 08:54 AM
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