Sanjana and Madhavi Lata spat over Bigg Boss
Sanjana, a commoner contestant in Bigg Boss 2 show, was eliminated in the first week itself. She congratulated Ganesh for being able to stay in the show for 85 days. Meanwhile, actress Madhavi Lata, who was also on the show said that she supports Kaushal. About the voting procedure, Sanjana said that it is bogus and demanded to know why Bigg Boss is continuing with such a sham show. But Madhavi Lata countered her saying that there is no rule in Bigg Boss that one person should vote only once. Thousands of votes might be polled from the same IP address, she said. Sanjana seemed hurt over the 'sham show.'
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Tue, Sep 04, 2018, 09:33 PM
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