Competition Over NTR's Legacy : Prof K Nageswar
Competition over NTR's Legacy has been continuing for decades since the demise of the political legend Sr NTR. Despite having immense respect for their father, NTR's family bent towards Chandrababu due to Lakshmi Parvathi's extra constitutional role. As the time has been passing, now the question became complicated as it is to chose between Nara & Nandamuri family. Chandrababu's master mind and political expertise kept Nandamuri brothers away from NTR's legacy. Jr NTR pivotal role in 2009 elections would have raised the point of NTR's legacy if TDP had won the elections. Chandrababu became stronger with Harikrishna's demise as there is no potential challenge from Nandamuri family.
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Fri, Aug 31, 2018, 11:44 AM
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