Huge Joinings in Janasena: 3000 Members Join in East Godavari
Leaders are migrating into Janasena in huge numbers especially in Godavari districts. About 3000 members joined JSP in East Godavari district's Sri Krishna Patnam under the leadership of Sarpanch Satyanarayana. Above 2000 activists from TDP & YCP parties have also joined Janasena in presence of Janasena East Godavari district co-ordinator Meda Gurudatta Prasad. Gurudatta demanded TDP to answer AP people about how far they fulfilled their promises before commenting on Pawan Kalyan. He stated that Janasena will be strengthened further with the ongoing joining's into the party. Leaders said, they are attracted by Pawan Kalyan's ideology and addressing the issues.
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Fri, Aug 24, 2018, 06:03 PM
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