Captaincy Campaigning & Neverau Team Promotions in Bigg Boss
Wedding task in Bigg Boss ended on Thursday with grand wedding ceremony leaving a controversy between Tanish & Ganesh. Serious discussions took place between housemates on nominations and Captaincy Campaigning. Neevevaru movie team Adi, Tapsee, and Ritika made hulchul in Bigg Boss house as a part of movie promotions. Tapsi greeted all the contestants through Live Radio after which they made Samrat & Puja to enact love proposal funny task. Geeta Madhuri love proposal to Kaushal as Bigg Boss entertained all. Ganesh repeated egg episode, and Tanish charmed Tapsee & Ritika with his variety proposal ending the episode on a funny note.
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Fri, Aug 24, 2018, 01:52 PM
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