Pawan to Release Janasena Pre Manifesto Tomorrow
Pawan Kalyan is going to release Janasena Pre Manifesto tomorrow. PK and Janasena leaders have intensified their activity and interacting with people at district and constituency level. Pawan Kalyan has already announced to contest in 175 seats jointly with left parties and has been moving strategically aiming at 2019 elections. Pawan Kalyan has been touring extensively in AP to know about the problems and solutions as well. He is exposing failures of ruling party, questioning their honesty, commitment, answerability and corruption and the irresponsibility of opposition party. All are eager to know whether Janasena manifesto contains Equality, social justice, educational & medical reforms, development & employment, which he talks about.
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Mon, Aug 13, 2018, 09:30 PM
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