Vijayashanthi Offers Golden Bonam to Lal Darwaza Mahankali Temple
Old City Lal Darwaza is celebrating Bonalu grandly and the devotees are thronging to temple to offer bonam to Simha Vahini Mahankali. City police have made special arrangements by deploying special police. Congress leader & actress Vijayashanthi has offered Golden Bonam to Lal Darwaza Mahankali. Speaking to media after presenting bonam, the actress turned politician Vijayasanthi said that she has fulfilled her offering to present golden bonam to Lal Darwaza Mahankali now which she owed to present on formation of separate Telangana. Vijayashanthi gave a public appearance today after a long silence.
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Sun, Aug 05, 2018, 01:12 PM
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