Ambati slams Chandrababu over Comments on Jagan
YCP leader Ambati Rambabu reacted to CM Chandrababu Comments on YS Jagan over his taking U turn on Kapu reservations and also on his padayatra. Ambati said CBN's comments are so cheep and insulting Jagan. He faulted Chandrababu's comments saying Jagan's padayatra photos are like cinema shooting. He questioned Chandrababu as to why he didn't stick to word of giving reservation to Kapus within 6 months of his taking charge as CM in 2014. Ambati also questioned CBN on his taking U turn on Special Status and said, Jagan's intention was not to cheat Kapus like Chandrababu.
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Wed, Aug 01, 2018, 08:05 PM
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