Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Episode 51(Monday) Nomination Highlights
Monday episode started happily with Roll Rida's 'Para para para' rap song which attracted audience. Bigg Boss gave housemates a task to chose their position according to their confidence in view of finals. Housemates chose their positions starting from 1 to 12 for their own reasons except No. 3 as it was chosen by Kaushal & Deepthi Nallamothu. Shocking them all, Bigg Boss announced that it was nomination process for elimination this week while deciding 7 to 12 as nominated excepting Geeta & Puja. Bigg Boss also considered both Kaushal & Deepthi as nominated along with Ganesh, Nandini & Babu.
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Tue, Jul 31, 2018, 11:43 AM
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