Kaushal is BB House Hot Target for Elimination This Week
After elimination of Tejaswi from BB house last week, Kaushal became hot target for all the house mates once again. The elimination process went like almost a revenge against Kaushal in view of making him responsible for the elimination of Bhanu & Tejaswi. Nandini's comments and attitude against Kaushal while warning him not to give unnecessary advises turned sour to Kaushal. Most of the housemates chose Kaushal as one of their elimination member out of 2, while breaking egg on his head for their own reasons. Kaushal, Babu, Ganesh, Amit, Deepti Sunaina & Nandini are in elimination this week.
Tags: Kaushal, Bigg Boss House, Hot Target, Elimination,
Tue, Jul 24, 2018, 12:44 PM
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