Inside: Hindupur Ex MLA who sacrificed for Balaiah unhappy?
The political future of the former Hindupuram MLA Abdul Gani Khan is in the state of confusion. Abdul Gani Khan, who won the MLA seat in 2009 has left his seat to Balakrishna in 2014 with the hope that he will get a post superior to it. Party high command has also reportedly given assurance to him to do justice to his sacrifice. However, even after the four years of TDP governance, Abdul Gani Khan could not get what he desired. At one stage, news aired that a gap surfaced between Balakrishna and Abdul Gani Khan. In some section of media, it is alleged that Abdul Gani Khan may join YSRCP. Watch other news as well under Inside programme.
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Thu, Jun 14, 2018, 10:11 PM
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