Mahesh Kathi Review on Akash Puri's Mehbooba Movie
Director Puri Jagannath has launched his son Akash Puri as hero through Mehbooba movie. The movie made with a back drop of 1971's Indo Pak love story was released today in theatres. Film critic Kathi Mahesh has reviewed the movie with positive comments saying Puri has surprised the audience with a variety love story. He said, Mehbooba will become a turning point to Akash's career. He appreciated the taking of Puri, Akash and Neha Shtti's performances in the movie. Mehbooba is directed by Puri Jagannath, produced by Dil Raju and the music is scored by Sandeep Chowta.
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Fri, May 11, 2018, 12:34 PM
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