Salman's 6-yr-old fan vows to not eat till actor walks out of jail
Jodhpur court will announce its decision on Salman Khan's bail plea at 2pm. Many of his fans have been staging protests outside the jail continuously for the last 2 days. Salman's 6-year old fan named Aaniya reportedly vowed not to eat till the actor is released from the jail. Sources reported that Aaniya hasn't eaten for 3 days ever since Salman was termed jail by Jodhpur court and became unconscious few minutes ago. Aaniya is protesting outside the jail holding a placard with 'no school & no food', written on it. Aaniya's mother said, she cried for Salman while watching 'Bhajrangi Bhai Jaan' movie.
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Sat, Apr 07, 2018, 01:14 PM
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