NRIs on The Difference Between Jana sena & Other Political Parties
NRI Satish Reddy was asked, 'Why Janasena?' in NRI LIVE Show. He said, Janasena is basically common man's party, established to bring a change in the system. He said people especially youth are vexed with the present political system and waiting for a true & genuine leader like Pawan Kalyan. NRI Venkata Satish Degala said, Janasena is different from other political parties as it is against existing caste politics & corruption. Janasena fights for unity and social equality, women empowerment is the top priority of Janasena which has a women wing 'Veera Mahila'. They expressed confidence that Janasena will change the fate of a common man.
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Sun, Mar 18, 2018, 01:08 PM
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