Facts behind Gunna Gunna Mamidi Song - Live Show
Folk Song Gunna Gunna Mamidi has been the top 1 trending song of late. Singer Vijaya Lakshmi while responding over the popularity of the song said, the very soul of a folk song is it's beat, rhythm and tempo which makes everyone to shake a leg. She said, Telangana's Teenmaar beat is Euphoric and Gunna Mamidi song is next to Mayadari Maisammo & Peddapuli songs in trend & popularity. Facts behind the song reveal that the song was initiated in 2009, the singers are Peddapuli Eeswar & Lalitha Sagar, and the song was written by Lyricist Uday of Janagam.
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Mon, Feb 19, 2018, 08:35 PM
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