PM Modi PUNCH on Renuka Chowdhary Laughter
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PM Narendra Modi has made some satirical comments in the Rajya Sabha today. PM Modi after his speech in Lok Sabha spoke to members in Rajya Sabha and he has mentioned about the issue on 'AADHAAR'. Congress MP Renuka Chowdhary started laughing hysterically on hearing PM Modi's statement on Aadhaar. Her sudden and loud laughter took many by surprise but the Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President Venkaiyah Naidu did not take it easily. He advised her to visit a doctor if she has a problem. On the other hand, PM Modi requested the Chairman of Rajya Sabha not to stop Renuka Chowdhury. PM Modi took a jibe at Renuka Chowdhary saying that 'after many years of Ramayan serial, we are getting to hear such a hearty laughter'.
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Wed, Feb 07, 2018, 09:52 PM
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