Dominance War Between MLA Rathod Bapurao & MP Nagesh in Boath Constituency
Dominance War between MLA Rathod Bapurao & MP Nagesh in Boadh Constituency is troubling farmers. The MLA & MP clashes in Boadh are growing along with time as the elections are nearing. Their dominance war has divided the cadre into 2 groups leading to internal group war. MP neglecting MLA in various govt programs has made MLA Bapurao to repeat the same activity again while leaving people in confusion. The domination war between the 2 leaders of the same party seems a war between opposition parties while leaving Boadh people in tension.
Tags: MLA Rathod, MP Nagesh, Boadh, Adilabad District,
Fri, Feb 02, 2018, 11:23 AM
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