Another YCP MLA to Join TDP : Opposed by TDP MLA Prabhakar Chowdary
Rumours are spreading widely that YCP MLA Gurunadha Reddy is going to Join TDP tomorrow. But Anantapur TDP MLA Prabhakar Chowdary is opposing Gurunadha Reddy joining TDP. In this regard he met with Chandrababu in Assembly today where Chandrababu tried to console him saying Gurunadha Reddy is joining the party only to serve the party. Reliable sources say that Prabhakar Chowdary is ready to resign the party if Gurunadha Reddy joins TDP. He also reminded Chandrababu about his promise over Missamma Bungalow controversy. It is said that Chandrababu also confirmed ticket to Prabhakar in 2019 elections. Prabhakar refused to attend Gurunadhareddy's joining in TDP tomorrow.
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Wed, Nov 29, 2017, 12:16 PM
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