Pawan Kalyan and Harvard Doctors Team for Uddanam kidney victims : LIVE
Dr Joseph, Harvard doctor has made a power point presentation and also explained about the case study of Uddanam kidney patients. They took their previous researches on Chinese workers, and in Mexico where people are exposed to industrial pollutants. He said it was found in the research that more of Chromium and Arsenic are found in the blood samples of those people. About Uddanam kidney patients he said what we have to do is to do genetic analysis and understand genetic components related to this disease. Dr Ravi Raj, Vice chancellor of NTR University and expert committee head said AP is backward in communal health. He thanked Harward doctors Dr Sabbisatti and Dr Joseph for their study and research over Uddanam chronic Kidney problem. He said AP govt is taking measures for it's prevention.
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Sun, Jul 30, 2017, 12:58 PM
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