TRS MLA Nallala Odelu threatens Couple : Telangana
A Love marriage became controversial while indulging TRS MLA Nallala Odelu and ACP. Girl's attempting suicide became sensational in the issue and her family members say ACP threatening is the reason for her suicide attempt. According to reports Sagar from Manchiryal was in love with a girl for 6 years later which they got married. After some time they got disputes and the issue went to ACP and local MLA Odelu. Sagar claims that MLA is threatening him without helping their re-union. Sagar recorded MLAs conversation over phone and released it. MLA denied all the claims. Girl also claimed that ACP Satish and MLA along with Sagar are threatening and blackmailing her. Her photos posted on social media by Sagar and their threatening's made her attempt suicide.
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Fri, Jul 14, 2017, 10:29 AM
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