Vundavalli reveals interesting things about Ramoji Rao’s Margadarsi case
Former Congress leader Vundavalli Arun Kumar said that he has more rivals after he exposed chit business of Margadarsi Chits. He stated former RBI Governor YV Reddy wrote a book and he mentioned about Margadarsi Chits in the book. Arun Kumar said that the RBI gave notices to Margadarsi Chits in 2005. In the book, YV Reddy wrote that the RBI asked Margadarsi Chits to return money to depositors. Arun Kumar further said that Reddy also wrote in the book somebody exposed Margadarsi Chits in 2006 and cases were not filed against the company probably money might have returned to depositors.
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Thu, Jun 29, 2017, 10:36 AM
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