Chandrababu Naidu in Deep Trouble : Sakshi Magazine Story
AP CM Chandrababu Naidu said to lost his control over the party leaders as they are behaving undisciplined and are more prone into group politics. Chandrababu was left silent as he could not take any action on them. Political experts say that if it continue to happen TDP's future will become a question mark. TDP leaders are not happy with the migrated leaders and they could not accept them as they lost positions in the party because of them. Ayyannapatrudu is quite unhappy with the silence of Chandrababu over Visakha land scams. In this regard sr journalist Sitarama Raju says TDP's present condition is not good and satisfactory because of extensive corruption and dissatisfaction. Sr journalist Srinivasa rao says that TDP lost it's discipline which sr NTR used to maintain. Experts say that Chandrababu must order CBI probe over Visakha land scam.
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