What Happened One Day Before Beautician Sirisha's Suicide? : CCTV Footage
CP Mahender Reddy in his press meet said Rajiv, Sravan and Sirisha went to Kukunur SI Prabhakar Reddy to get a solution to the problem of Rajiv and Tejaswini. On the way they purchased a Red Label Whisky from Anu Wines and snacks from Mehefil restaurant. At first on the way they had Hukka and coffee at Cuppa Coffee shop at around 8.30 and around 9.30 they went to Anu wines. Shop keeper said they bought the whisky by swiping the card of Rajiv and they are in a normal mood. These details say that they took the bottle to have a party in Kukunurpalli which is pre planned.
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