Doctors Treating Dead Body Like in Megastar's Tagore : Tirupati
Titupati Narayanadri Hospital is in practice of exploiting money from patient's relatives by treating dead patients. People say that if anybody admits in the hospital then they won't leave until they grab their properties. A 4-year-old Vishnu Priya is admitted in the hospital who was died during treatment. But without revealing it hospital collected amount in lakhs in the name of treatment. Likewise Gangadhar who took poison is also admitted in the hospital 10 days back and the staff collected Rs 3.5 lakhs for treatment who was dead finally. Another patient named Mallikharjun also admitted here who died before 3 days but doctors continued treatment without allowing family members to see him. Victims made police complaint while requesting them to take action on the hospital management for cheating innocents in the name of treatment.
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Fri, May 05, 2017, 04:45 PM
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