TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy Fires on CM KCR Over Public Meet in Warangal
Political heat flared up in Telangana with the announcement of early elections and the parties are getting ready for the elections by alerting it's cadre. In this regard TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy fires on CM KCR for his extra ordinary love shown on farmers in TRS Public Meet in Warangal, yesterday. He said congress works for getting into power in 2019 elections. He said congress is in preparation to the early elections and is getting ready with it's agenda with prime importance given to farmers, unemployment allowances, Indiramma houses, and women empowerment. He said election preparation plan will be released in 1 or 2 months in a meeting.
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Fri, Apr 28, 2017, 12:38 PM
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