BJP MLA Kishan Reddy Comments on Budget Allocation : Telangana
BJP MLA Kishan Reddy Comments on Budget Allocation in Telangana. He said it is not a huge budget it is just a 'Math Magic'. He said T government levy's deficits on people and forgetting their welfare. He criticised that the budget is not likely to form Bangaru Telangana rather Bakeela Telangana. He said TRS is not just a political party it was evolved from the lakhs of sacrifices and martyrdom of 100s of Telangana people. In this regard he recalled that the TRS party is known for it's movement and dharnas which later avoiding the others to do it at Dharna chowk after coming into rule wjo;e requesting the govt to withdraw their rules in this regard.
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Wed, Mar 15, 2017, 03:23 PM
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