Pawan Kalyan's Latest Sensational Tweets on CM Chandrababu Comments over Agitation
Pawan Kalyan tweeted his latest on Chandrababu over his commenting on the relation between Jallikattu and Special Status. While responding to his comments Pawan said when youth are protesting with the inspiration of Jallikattu, Chandrababu is supposed to support them or else he shall let the people do it. He commented on the attitude of AP govt in this regard by quoting a old Telugu saying "Amma pettadu, adukku thina nivvadu". He questioned Chandrababu "Ila Ayite Ela?". He said if AP Govt put obstacles in their way of protest it will be a great damage to their future and future generations faulting Chandrababu for the same.
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Wed, Jan 25, 2017, 04:14 PM
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